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Campus Conduct Hotline®

A standard of excellence

Campus Conduct Hotline® helps eliminate and defend against harmful news stories, lawsuits and misrepresentations resulting from inappropriate behavior. Campus Conduct Hotline® is a confidential, independent risk management service that gives your faculty, staff, and students a simple, anonymous way to alert administrators of unsafe or unethical behavior BEFORE it spirals out of control.

Why Campus Conduct Hotline®?

It's good stewardship and just plain common sense!

Your Sarbanes-Oxley Safety Net

Sarbanes-Oxley best practices provide that organizations have a "whistleblower" process and reporting procedure. The IRS Form 990 also asks about your whistleblower policy. Campus Conduct Hotline® protects your institution and satisfies Sarbanes-Oxley and Form 990 easily and effectively.

Promote and defend your integrity

With Campus Conduct Hotline® you can demonstrate to your campus community that honesty, integrity and ethical behavior are critical values your institution takes seriously. Campus Conduct Hotline® promotes your institution's values by providing a campus-wide safety net.

Cost efficient

Campus Conduct Hotline® preserves your most valuable assets for just pennies a day. Email alerts to your administrators integrate with your existing complaint process. Institution specific reporting makes it easy to manage.

Easy to implement

Implementation is fast and easy. Plus, our Campus Conduct Hotline® website has everything you need to get going quickly, including whistleblower policy templates, posters and more. Build awareness and instill pride in your institution's integrity.

Created by Higher Education for

Higher Education

Created for Higher Education

Developed by college administrators and in use by over 100 higher education institutions since 2005, Campus Conduct Hotline® significantly improves your institutions ability to respond to reports of inappropriate activity.

A unique risk management service

Campus Conduct Hotline® is a unique service of Educational & Institutional Insurance Administrators, Inc. an innovative leader in providing insurance and risk management services to higher education for over 50 years.